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Protecting Canadians From The Sky-High Costs
Of Tax Audits and Legal Disputes

PFP Inc is Canada's Leading Tax and Legal Insurance Specialist

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When you're facing a lawsuit or tax audit you have a million things to worry about. 

Paying for your defence or legal advice needn't be one of them.

With Profesional Fee Protection - PFP Inc. You're Covered. 

Tax Investigation Insurance

When you're faced with a tax audit the stress adds up fast. Tax Investigation Insurance pays your accountant to go to bat for you. You get the best defence and your accountant gets paid. Win - Win.
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Legal Expense Insurance

Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) is like having a lawyer on retainer - without paying the large fees. LEI lets your focus on running your business with legal advice and defence all available with a quick call.
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PFP Personal

In life, we take the good with the bad. PFP Personal protection covers the most common legal problems facing Canadians - from speeding tickets to employment disputes - and everything in between. Unlimited legal advice for anything!
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Tax and Legal Protection For Everyone


Protection for you and your family. 

Legal Advice

 Tax Investigation Insurance

PFP Personal

from $115 / year


Protection for your business.

Legal Advice

Tax Investigation Insurance

PFP Commercial

from $210 / year


Custom Packages so your clients get exactly what they need.

Custom Pricing

Custom Solutions for Accounting Firms, Groups and Brokers

Looking to get a leg up on your competition? Ready to show your membership or clients your true value as an advisor?

Professional Fee Protection - PFP Inc. will build a custom package to suit your member requirements and get them a preferred rate.​

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About PFP Inc.

I created Tax Investigation Insurance in Canada because I know, first hand, the importance of protecting yourself and your business from the CRA and a tax audit.

In 2008 my small business was audited by the CRA.

After reviewing my books, they handed me a notice of reassessment for $200,000....

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