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Tax and Legal Protection from Professional Fee Protection – PFP Inc.

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Trusted Accountants Tell Their Clients About Tax Investigation Insurance

TAX INVESTIGATION INSURANCEBusiness and Personal Protection

Insurance for your next run in with the CRA. 

The CRA is coming for more of your money. Make sure you can afford a rock-solid defence. Tax investigation insurance is the best way to protect yourself in case of:

  • A Tax Review: For when they demand more documentation and you have to spend time digging out receipts.
  • A Tax Appeal: For when you disagree with their assessment 
  • A Tax Desk Audit: For when they want to go through ALL your documentation, in detail, but don’t want to come visit your place of work.
  • A Tax Field Audit: The big one. For when they want to come visit your office and go through everything you’ve got.

When you’re covered by Tax Investigation Insurance, we pay your accountant and lawyer to defend you – up to $50,000.

Proven Tax Protection For You And Your Business

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You Can’t Afford To Pass This Up

Do you know where your next legal headache is coming from? Legal Expense Insurance can save you the aspirin. You get a legal team in your corner – plus unlimited legal advice – any time you need it:

  • Employment Disputes
  • Legal Defence
  • Contract Disputes and Debt Recovery (optional coverage)
  • Property Protection
  • Bodily Injury
  • Tax Protection
  • Unlimited Telephone Legal Advice

Legal Expense Insurance is an easy, inexpensive way to protect your business – and your bottom line – from legal issues.

Get The Legal Protection Your Business Needs

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PFP PERSONALPersonal Legal Protection

Can You Afford A Legal Dispute? 

​Canadians face an assortment of risks on a daily basis. If you are too wealthy to qualify for legal aid, but can’t really afford the defence you deserve…you could be in trouble. An experienced lawyer costs $394/hour (on average). If you don’t have that in the bank, PFP Personal coverage could be your saving grace:

  • Employment Disputes: In case you are dismissed without justification or compensation.
  • Driver’s Licence Protection: In case your licence is suspended.
  • Contract Disputes: In case you pay for a service but you don’t get what you paid for (like in renovations or work on your car).
  • Bodily Injury: In case you’re injured (like you slipped in a puddle at a grocery store) and deserve compensation.
  • Tax Protection: In case you get audited by the CRA
  • Legal Defence: In case you need a good lawyer for a criminal defence.
  • Unlimited Legal Advice: For any legal question about anything. 

PFP Personal coverage gives you and your family access to the justice you deserve for one low premium. That protects you, your partner or spouse AND any children that live with you.

The Ultimate Personal Legal and Tax Protection

In One Exclusive Bundle

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