Coverage for Accounting and Professional Fees

Tax Investigation Insurance for business offers coverage for any tax review correspondence with the CRA – from a minor review to a full audit. Remember, the coverage pays for your accounting and other professional fees so you don’t pay out of pocket for their work.

We cover costs relating to:

  • income tax
  • GST, PST or HST
  • payroll deductions

We do not cover: 

  • tax avoidance
  • failure to register for GST, PST and/or HST
  • gross negligence, dishonesty or criminal offences


Don’t need GST/PST/HST or payroll audit protection?

Take a look at our personal coverage.

How much coverage?

Tax Investigation Insurance provides more than enough coverage. The following amounts are available to cover accounting and professional fees incurred when defending a tax review, appeal or audit.

A minor review can take days of tracking down receipts, and an audit can take months (or years in some cases). With Tax Investigation Insurance we pay for your accountant’s time, leaving you to focus on running your business.