I use an accountant. Can your service still help?
Yes. You have the choice of who you want to represent you with your tax audit. You can choose to use your own accountant, a different accountant or even a tax specialist.
The CRA keeps calling me. How do I get them to stop?
If you have an insurance policy with us, you should contact us immediately to open a claim. Next, request all communication with CRA to be in writing and that they should copy communication to us and/or your accountant.

With tax investigation insurance, you never have to face the CRA alone.

Why do I even need an accountant to defend my taxes?
Doing an audit without professional tax representation means an uneven playground and automatically puts you at a disadvantage.

Professionals do not just submit the requested information without doing a thorough internal examination to avoid any unnecessary exposure of the client file to the CRA. Tax audits involve subjective factors and therefore do require tax expertise to negotiate a better outcome. It is not just a simple document submission excise.

Audits take a long time to complete. In some cases investigations can drag on for years. Typical audits can range from a few weeks to several months and require ongoing communication with the CRA. It may become too time consuming or simply inconvenient for you.

There is far too much uncertainty and complexity to a tax audit. Without professional help, you will very likely find yourself stuck, confused and helpless.

I've never heard of you or Tax Investigation Insurance before. Can I trust you?
Tax Investigation Insurance is brand new to Canada but it has been available around the world (it is most popular in the UK, New Zealand and Australia) for more than 20 years.

We know, first hand, that this protection is needed in Canada. Our founder and CEO, Richard Little, has personal experience of being targeted by the CRA – a few years ago, his business was audited. Unfortunately, the CRA didn’t stop there; they attacked him personally as well. He ended up paying $60,000 out of pocket to successfully defend his tax file.

This experience is the reason we urge any business owner to protect themselves with a personal policy, as well as protecting their business.

I’m already in the middle of an audit. Can you still help?
Yes. Often, help is still possible. We won’t be able to insure you for this investigation but we can direct you to an accountant.

You may be eligible for Tax Investigation Insurance in the next tax year depending on your level of risk. Contact us for more information.

Ready to start protecting your business?

Tax Investigation Insurance is the only way to protect your business from the expense of an audit.