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Insurance provided by PFP Inc. in partnership with the
Canadian Camping and RV Council

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"A number of campgrounds in Canada were told that they no longer qualify for the small business tax rate of 15% and were re-assessed by the Canada Revenue Agency at the investment corporate rate of 50%. The Canadian Camping and RV Council has indicated that up to 75% of the 2347 Private Campgrounds across Canada may be impacted jeopardizing their financial viability.

As CCRVC continues to fight for our members with Canada Revenue Agency it is obvious our members may have gaps in their insurance coverage. CCRVC has partnered with Professional Fee Protection (PFP Inc.) to offer an exclusive deal to a NEW must-have protection.

We hope our members empower themselves with this coverage while we continue to deal with CRA on a national basis."


– Shane Devenish 
Executive Director, CCRVC

Putting a Dedicated Legal Team to Work For Your Business Is Easy

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Rates start at just $350 per year based on the size of your business. Add personal protection for a low per person rate.

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The application takes less than 5 minutes. All you need is your annual revenue and your address. It couldn't be simpler.

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You get an email with your policy documentation and the phone number for the legal helpline.

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Legal assistance is available during regular business hours. The helpline is available 24/7 for emergencies.

A Lawyer Can Charge Up to $350 PER HOUR 
You Can Get Unlimited Access Starting at  

Your Membership with CCRVC Gets You 
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CCRVC members are eligible for special pricing and exclusive coverage packages.

The CRA is Coming Down Hard on Campgrounds Across Canada...

Is This Your Campground's Biggest Weakness?

If you’ve been watching the CRA come down on other campgrounds like yours, you might feel like a sitting duck…

...waiting to see if they will come looking for you too.

Tax and Legal Protection Gives You the Support You Need
to Run Your Business with Confidence

[Legal Protection] provides me with the ability to obtain legal advice not just for the big issues, but for the small ones as well. The professional and knowledgeable adviceallows me to do my job with a higher level of confidence.

- Gaya, Legal Protection Client