Comprehensive Tax and Legal Protection for Your Business

Three coverage options below, you decide the level of protection and budget that fits your business.

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Legal Advice


✔  Legal Assistance only 

✔  Four (4) calls per year

✔  Attorneys covering civil and common law with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in a private law firm

✔  Eligibility after a 30 day waiting period

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Legal Assistance

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 PFP Commercial

starting at $230/YEAR

✔  Tax Protection

 ✔ Legal Defence

✔ Bodily Injury

✔ Property Protection

✔ Employment Disputes

  Contract Disputes and Debt Recovery (Optional, extra $'s)

✔ Statutory Licence Protection

✔ Unlimited Legal Advice

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PFP Commercial Protection

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 Tax Investigation Insurance

starting at $210/YEAR

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✔  Tax Protection only

 Legal Defence

 Bodily Injury

 Property Protection

 Employment Disputes

 Contract Disputes and Debt Recovery (Optional, extra s)

 Statutory Licence Protection

 Unlimited Legal Advice

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Tax Investigation Insurance Protection

A la Carte

Insurance provided by Professional Fee Protection - PFP Inc. 

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Get Your Tax Audit, Legal Defence
and Expert Legal Advice
 For as little as $1/Day

Even if a tax audit is the least of your worries, the CRA is already targeting Canadian businesses. PFP's commercial coverage protects your business from costly tax and legal expenses. 

When you have PFP commercial coverage, those professional fees are covered so you can defend or pursue your legal rights without worrying about the cost.  

Your professional fees are covered up to $50,000 for Tax and $100,000 for Legal. 

PFP Commercial Coverage Highlights

✔  Tax protection covers your entire tax history (even if the CRA audits the past 4 years, you're protected)

✔  Legal protection includes unlimited legal advice

✔  The annual cost for PFP Commercial coverage is usually less than paying for one hour of a lawyer's time

Could Your business Afford a Tax or Legal Dispute?

Canadian businesses face an assortment of risks on a daily basis. 
An experienced lawyer charges an average of $407/hour. 
With a PFP policy, you get more protection for 
less...simply good business Risk Management.

PFP Commercial
Simply Good Business Risk Management.

The smartest investment in your business is proper insurance coverage