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Professional Fee Protection - PFP Inc. is a specialized insurance provider that takes care of our clients’ unique risks. 

We know that 7 out of 10 small business owners don’t have the budget to handle unforeseen legal expenses ...even though 3 out of 10 will face a legal dispute in the next three years. 

Insurance Solutions Built for Canadian Businesses

The Legal Expense (PFP Commercial) Insurance Advantage

Too many Canadian business owners have to make an agonizing decision when faced with a legal dispute.

Would you...
...abandon your rights and walk away? 
...take action on your own without a lawyer?
...hire a lawyer and take a hit on your bottom line?

 Legal Expense Insurance pays your legal costs, protecting your reputation, productivity and bottom line.

Comprehensive Legal Protection Built for Small Business.

"It's Like Having A Lawyer On Retainer"

Protect Your Business From Legal Action
- Plus Get Unlimited Legal Advice -
For One Low Premium.


Employment Disputes

If you face action from an employee (or ex-employee).

Legal Defence

If your business faces criminal charges, a police investigation, or an occupational health and safety investigation. 

Property Protection

If someone else causes damage, legal nuisance or trespasses on your business property.  

Contract Disputes and Debt Recovery (Optional Coverage)

If you face a dispute with a client or supplier in regards to a breach of contract. 

Bodily Injury 

If you or one of your employees is injured on the job as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Statutory Licence Protection

If your business faces a suspension, alteration, or cancellation of its business licence.

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“[The coverage] provides me with the ability to obtain legal advice not just for the big issues, but for the small ones as well. The professional and knowledgeable advice allows me to do my job with a higher level of confidence.”

LEI Policyholder

"[The legal advice line] provides a fast response time, knowledge of issues that were explained in layman’s terms, plus given in a friendly manner.”

LEI Policyholder

Protecting Canadians From the Unexpected

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Plus Unlimited Legal Advice

Policyholders can call 24/7 and get qualified legal advice...whether the issue is covered by your policy or not.

Insurance provided by Professional Fee Protection - PFP Inc. 

Tax Disputes

If your business receives any
tax investigation correspondence from Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) or a provincial tax authority

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