Our Story, Our Mission: Audit Protection

Stopping the CRA from Bullying Honest, Hard-Working Canadians

]Richard Little, Founder and CEO of PFP Inc. Offering Canada's best Audit Protection

Richard Little, Founder

We created Tax Investigation Insurance in Canada because of first-hand experience and the importance of protecting yourself and your business from the CRA and a tax audit.
In 2008 my small business was audited by the CRA.
After reviewing my books, they handed me a notice of reassessment for $200,000+.

I read the letter in disbelief. My worst nightmare was coming true. Even though I had done nothing wrong we had two choices:

  1. Pay the bill (on a payment plan, probably for many years to come), or
  2. Fight to prove my innocence.

I chose the fight.
Wanting the best possible odds of winning, I hired a recommended tax lawyer along with my accountant to fight CRA.

All said and done, it took 2 years to defend. The stress on me and my family was almost unbearable. The CRA intimidated us and I rethought my decision to fight over and over again.

In the end, we won but did we really!
My name was cleared yes, I had done nothing wrong.

Even though I came out victorious, I still had to pay my defence team $60,000 for a job well done.

That is where Tax Investigation Insurance comes in.

With our audit protection, those professional fees (accountants, lawyers, tax experts) are covered. You choose the defence you need to fight CRA and your tax investigation insurance policy will pay their bill up to $50,000.

If I would have had Tax coverage in place (both personal and business – $500) this would have been a different story. Lesson learned!

How Much Do You Know About How The CRA Operates?

1/10 Small businesses will be audited this year. If you haven’t been audited, you might be soon.  The CRA gives out bad information about 75% of the time. If they give you the wrong advice and you are audited because of it, they have no accountability for that information. 59% of business owners feel intimidated by CRA (CFIB report on CRA). In an audit, you are guilty until proven innocent. The CRA doesn’t need proof of wrong-doing to audit you. Actually, the audit is a fishing expedition to FIND proof that you did something wrong.

Our Promise To You
  • With Tax Investigation Insurance, the CRA can’t intimidate you.
  • Our clients know that they have the power to fight if the CRA makes a bad call.
  • Tax Investigation Insurance Is Perfect For yourself and your business


Honest taxpayers shouldn’t have to worry about being audited by the CRA.
With TII a qualified accountant defends your taxes, while you take care of what’s important in your life.

Your Business
Protect your business and everything you work for. If your business is audited, we will pay your accountant to defend your file, giving you time to focus on your business.
Your Clients or Members

Offer your clients even more value.
Protect your clients’ best interests and grow your organization by offering them Tax Investigation Insurance.

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