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“Richard approached us over a year ago with PFP’s Tax coverage insurance. He explained the potential risks to our business and the value of the protection they could provide.  We agreed to purchase both a corporate policy and a number of personal polices.

Ironically, within four months we received a letter from CRA advising us of a pending audit. Their examination took approximately eight months of back and forth during which we incurred considerable costs in terms of both ‘in-house” resources and third party advisory services.

As promised, the full cost of our defence, almost $5,000, was recovered under the policy (approximately 10 times our premium costs).  Submitting our claim was simple and straightforward.   Throughout the audit Richard and his team were always available to provide any advice or guidance we required.  We are more than pleased to recommend PFP to our fellow members.”   

– Michael Jay, CMA, CPA, Controller
Island Coastal Services Ltd
Anderson Creek Golf Club
Green Gables Golf Club


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