PFP Inc Partners with Restaurants Canada

Members get a breakthrough line of tax and legal protection…and save an average of 55% off the list price.

Over the next three years, 30% of Small Business Owners in Canada are likely to face a legal dispute.

Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) Auditors conduct more than 120,000 audits every year while claiming $11+ billion in unpaid taxes, penalties and interest.

The average cost of a two day civil trial to clear up these matters is $31,330.

Now Canadian restauranteurs have an ace up their sleeve as PFP Inc (, Canada’s leading tax and legal protection specialist, announces its brand new partnership with Restaurants Canada.

In the wake of the recent scrutiny of restaurant owners and wait staff by the CRA, this new partnership lets Restaurants Canada members to take advantage of tax and legal coverage and get unlimited legal advice for any issue. Restaurants Canada members will get access to protection designed to meet the needs of the food and beverage industry and exclusive rates at 55% off.

Tax protection starts at $80 and legal protection starts at just $155.

That nominal fee unlocks Canada’s  most comprehensive professional fee protection.

For Example:

[wt_framed_box title=”Tax Protection” bgColor_start=”#e6e6e6″ bgColor_end=”#e6e6e6″]Tax ProtectionThe CRA has requested additional documentation to support a section of your tax return. The policy covers your accountant’s fees for the time taken to gather proof and correspond with the CRA.


[wt_framed_box title=”Employee Disputes” bgColor_start=”#e6e6e6″ bgColor_end=”#e6e6e6″]Employee DisputesRestaurant owner receives a claim from a former employee for wrongful dismissal, outstanding vacation pay and breach of human rights legislation. The ex-employee is claiming $100,000 from the Restaurant. We will appoint a lawyer who will submit a defense to the allegations, as well as a counter claim for losses that the restaurant has suffered as a result of the allegations.


[wt_framed_box title=”Legal Defence” bgColor_start=”#e6e6e6″ bgColor_end=”#e6e6e6″]A doorman employed by the pub removes a visibly intoxicated patron after several complaints from other patrons. Following the incident, the evicted patron files a complaint and the police charge the doorman with assault. We will retain a lawyer to defend the legal rights of the employee in relation to being prosecuted for assault.


[wt_framed_box title=”Contract Disputes” bgColor_start=”#e6e6e6″ bgColor_end=”#e6e6e6″]The restaurant’s food supplier failed to deliver a large order of meat and seafood by the delivery date stipulated in the contract. This resulted in a significant loss of business for the restaurant, as they had to reduce menu options and purchase ingredients at higher cost from another supplier. We will retain a lawyer to sue for breach of contract on behalf of the restaurant owner.


Plus Unlimited Legal Advice

With our legal protection policies, members get Unlimited Legal Advice whether the issue is covered by the policy or not. Members need only call 24/7 to get help with any question.

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