As a Broker (and trusted advisor) you have an important role to play in your client risk management. You single-handedly have a substantial impact on the welfare of your clients. We know you take that obligation – to act in the best interest of your clients – seriously.

Professional Fee Protection Inc (the MGA) provides the coverage and is able to provide a Canadian solution to help you meet that duty.

A testimonial letter from Dale Barrett (Barrett Tax Law) (PFPInc_Jan 21 2017).

A solution can be provided two ways:

  • From the MGA Professional Fee Protection Inc
  • From our Brokerage PFP Inc.

Same coverage, but you as the broker choose how you want to transact this business and who deals with your client.

We can provide a simple efficient broker solution:

  • great coverages
  • online solution
  • all at very competitive pricing for your clients

We will provide an iframe with coverage options to allow your brokerage to quote and bind Tax and Legal coverages in less than 5 mins. National insurance e-commerce company BrokerLift is providing the ‘backend’ to our iframe solution.

If you’re looking to offer your business clients unique Tax coverage (or our Tax & Legal coverage) we have the solution. Very simple for your own brokerage to host this iframe on your own site.

Take a test drive of our application process with the below link. (TEST Quote)

Use your email and the following credit card details to complete the test purchase and receive policy documents (by email):

  • Credit Card testing
  • 4000 0012 4000 0000
  • 01 / 23
  • 123

There are three core coverage’s we can offer your brokerage:

  1. Legal advice
  2. Tax Investigation Insurance coverage
  3. Tax and Legal coverage
    • Custom solutions for groups, accounting firms, associations are available upon request)

It is important to identify where your brokerage wants to grow, not only your policy count but improving your clients Risk Management all while meeting the demand for an ‘online’ solution.

We can provide a solution to accomplish your goals:

  1. Adding value to your brokerage’s current service offering
  2. Better protection of your client base
  3. Increasing revenue for the firm (on an annual basis)
  4. Improved time management to place business

The goal is to prove our worth to your brokerage at a pace of your choosing.

Business protection shouldn’t just be for your clients.

Your brokerage is a business with risks, just like any other. We can offer you a Commercial Legal Expense Insurance (CLEI) policy for protection from legal action taken against you. Plus, you get unlimited legal telephone advice on any legal matter.
It certainly makes sense for the brokerage to purchase and believe in the coverages they are selling.

Let’s have a chat and see what business synergies we have.

Use the contact us link below and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Test our Quote and Bind Solution (Tax Investigation Insurance)