Legal Expense Insurance

Legal Expense Insurance helps business owners protect their businesses from litigation by paying for legal defence (and even free legal advice) when they need it.

As a business owner, your focus is on running and growing your business. It’s nearly impossible to manage everything and keep up to date on changes in legislation, let alone understand how each one affects your business. And that’s just the beginning.

There are employee disputes, health and safety concerns, licensing issues and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Legal Expense Insurance will protect your business from the cost of potential legal disputes.

You get coverage up to $100,000 per claim – $250,000 per year.

Even better, policyholders have access to the invaluable Legal Advice Helpline – access to qualified advice on any legal matter.

Your Legal Expense Insurance Policy Covers:

Employment disputes

We will pay the legal costs to defend your legal rights in:

  • Wrongful termination lawsuits
  • Breach of Employment Contract
  • Individual complaint from a union on behalf of an employee or ex-employee from a collective bargaining agreement
  • Alleged sexual harassment, discrimination, or invasion of privacy from an employee, ex-employee

Legal defence

We will pay the legal costs to defend your legal rights in:

  • When being investigated in an alleged criminal offence by the police or any arm of the occupational health and safety authority
  • When being prosecuted for an alleged criminal offence
  • Failure or alleged failure to comply with the protection of privacy legislation
  • Alleged failure to comply with CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Law)

Contract disputes and debt recovery

We will pay the legal costs to defend your legal rights in:

  • Selling or buying of goods
  • Providing or obtaining services
  • Defend your rights to collect on a debt owed for selling goods or services

Statutory license protection

We will pay the legal costs to represent you in appealing the:

  • Suspension of a statutory business license
  • Refusal to renew a statutory business license
  • Cancellation of statutory business license
  • Unsolicited alteration of terms of a statutory business license

Property protection

We will pay your legal costs to pursue your legal rights in a civil action related to physical property when:

  • An event causes physical damage to such property
  • Actions resulting in interference or enjoyment of the use of your property
  • Trespassing

Bodily injury

We will pay the legal costs following a specific or sudden accident that results in:

  • Death
  • Illness
  • Bodily injury

Tax Protection

We pay the legal costs relating to:

  • Income tax
  • GST, PST, or HST
  • Payroll Deduction

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Legal Expense Insurance