PFP Commercial Coverage

Elements of Coverage

Employment Disputes:

If you have a dispute with an employee arising out of their contract of employment, and/or with regards to a wrongful dismissal claim

Legal Defence:

If you face a criminal charge, police investigation, occupational health and safety investigation, or claim alleging failure to comply with privacy or anti-spam legislation

Statutory Licence Protection:

If you faces a suspension, alteration, or cancellation of your commercial licence

Property Protection:

If you experience a legal nuisance or trespass, or if someone causes physical damage to your commercial property

Personal Injury:

If someone causes you bodily injury, illness, or death while you are working

Tax Protection:

If you face a tax appeal, tax audit, tax field audit, or tax review relating to a
determination of liability for commercial income tax or payroll deductions compliance

Contract Disputes & Debt Recovery:

If you face a dispute relating to the selling or buying of goods, or the obtaining or providing of services

Legal Advice Helpline:

Unlimited access to a general legal advice helpline for any business-related legal issue

Exclusions and Limits:

Major Exclusions:

  • Insured person’s breach of professional duty
  • Vehicle-related prosecution or defence
  • Claims arising from a tax avoidance scheme


  • For all claims there is a $500 deductible
  • Except for a tax field audit (under Tax Protection) where there deductible is

Limits of Indemnity:
  • $50,000 per Tax claim
  • $100,000 per Legal claim
  • $250,000 in aggregate per policy period
  • 10% Co-insurance in excess of $50,000
  • Minimum Sum in dispute $3000 for Contract Disputes & Debt Recovery
  • Professional Expenses – maximum rate of $400/hr

Legal Expense Insurance