Tell your clients

Protect the most important part of your business, your clients.

As an accountant, there is only so much you can do to protect a client. You make sure their taxes are complete, accurate, and submitted on time.

Now, by telling them about Tax Investigation Insurance you can keep protecting them, even after they are audited.

A simple solution when presenting your letters of engagement:

  • introduce the Tax coverage
  • client acknowledges receipt of the information
  • the client has a few choices:
    • apply for coverage 
    • ask questions you can direct them to us)
    • if they decline, they now know that any future work dealing with CRA will be billed at full hourly rates

If a client wants to proceed:

  • firm can provide application form to the client (paper or online link)
  • Accounting staff can fill in the form for the client
  • The client can contact us directly to complete the application

Partner with us.

We are looking for firms to partner with us, offering Tax Investigation Insurance to their clients at a group rate. You protect your clients and they benefit from the peace of mind, knowing their accountant offers them the best service and products.

Tax Investigation Insurance