Why do you need Tax Investigation Insurance

If you pay taxes, you have a risk that CRA may want to review, ask you to substantiate your return or audit your tax filing.  If you want to stand up and let the professional deal with CRA, have these costs covered, then Tax Investigation Insurance is a simple solution.

As a taxpayer, you have two choices:

  • Do nothing and take this potential risk on yourself
  • Transfer this risk with the purchase of Tax Investigation Insurance

You can decide yourself if a small business expenditure is worth this ‘piece of mind’ (or the $115/yr for a personal policy).

Expertise! In today’s complicated business landscape, Canadian business owners are not only facing legislative tax changes but a tax-hungry Federal Government as well. The cost (and time required) to handle these issues will add up fast and the best way to deal with CRA is to defend this correctly the first time.

Premiums for business policies are based on annual revenue and the cost is very little for a business.

With Tax Investigation Insurance you’re protected when:

  • Your taxes are reviewed
  • Your taxes are audited
  • You want to appeal a decision the CRA makes (for example, if they suggest you owe MORE taxes and you disagree)

Your Entire Tax History – Covered

When you buy Tax Investigation Insurance you’re instantly covered – there’s no waiting period. You are protected against any investigation the CRA launches while you’re covered.

Tax Investigation Insurance