Why do my clients need TII

A CRA investigation can be expensive, time consuming, intimidating and intrusive for your clients. TII gives them the defence they deserve, instead of the defence they can afford.

First and foremost, if your client is audited, they can rest assured that their audit defence will be paid by the us. In most other cases an audit would be costly and stressful, and could financially cripple a small business. With Tax Investigation Insurance, the cost of the defence doesn’t need to weigh on your client.

  • TII premiums qualify as a business expense.
  • Your clients will find comfort in knowing that their accountancy firm is doing everything possible to not only protect them from CRA but the potential financial repercussions of a defence.
  • Business owners can also add personal protection to their policy.
    Supports Your Business

In your industry, reputation counts. Make your firm one of the first in Canada to offer TII and show that you truly have your clients’ best interest in mind.

Your clients benefit when your firm provides top-notch services to defend their file and doesn’t have to pay out of pocket. When your client’s are happy, you’re happy too.
The firm bills the defence time at its full rate – no more discounting your rate for these unexpected billables to preserve your relationship.

Your accounting firm benefits from more content clients, and a new tool in your tool box.

Offering TII sets your firm apart in a sea of accountancy firms.

Tax Investigation Insurance